Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gotta Love Craig's List...

So, I have this list of Things to Find over there in the sidebar.  This past weekend, I scored a mint condition wing back chair with solid cherry legs and the tags still attached to the bottom---made in Toledo, Ohio baby---for $50!  Yes, $50, which means, I, finally, get to cross one off my list.

I've been searching craig's list for weeks for a perfect wing back chair at $50 or under (I'm ambitious in my bargain hunting.  I'm dead set on having one slip-covered wing back in my "formal" living room that I've been working on pulling together for a while now. (I will post about that sometime...)  I want to pair it with an ottoman (maybe a pouf or storage cube), a tiny side table with a reading lamp and a thought-provoking book.  I'm trying to create little sophisticated reading nook.

Now that I've got my wing back, I have to figure out the slipcover situation.

1) Do I buy a cheaper, ready-made slipcover?


2) Do I have one made?

The first option is great because it is immediate and cheap.  The second option is great because I will be able to pick the style and fabric of my choice to tailor it to the room.  I'd like to go with a cheap option...but I also want it to add to the room, not take away from it.

So, here are a couple of options for slip-covers.
1) Sure-Fit Cotton Duck in Natural (I actually would probably hem this up so you can see the legs), $50

2) Sure Fit Colette in Cocoa, $50 (This is actually the style I love, but the color is iffy for my room.  I have grayish walls, and I'm worried about them clashing.  Although, it is a brown-gray, not a black-gray/blue-gray.)

My plan is to visit the local fabric shops tomorrow to find some local people who make slipcovers.  If I can find a bargain (no more than $100-150), I will probably go that route.  If not, I will pick from one of the two above.

Any thoughts?

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