Friday, January 15, 2010

A few minor projects...

This week I painted a couple of items that I had wanted to make use of for some time. The first is a brass plate rack that was in need of a coat of creamy white paint (aka a sample I had on hand from Home Depot). I had been wanted to replace a dreary sconce that I had hanging to mask my kitchen cabinets (came with the house, builder-grade, honey-oak cabinets...let's just say they are not my taste...but, truthfully, I'm just grateful to have a kitchen that I can decorate and cook in...period.) with this plate rack that I bought last summer. Yes, I'm embarrassed that it took me six months to actually do it.

What motivated me was a lovely and green damask plate that I discovered on Wednesday at Goodwill for 1.99. I definitely needed to add it to my green kitchen. Lately, I've had a keenness for damask-anything and I've always had a deep passion for green.

So. There you have it. It's not a big "in your face" before and after, but it's better, right? There are two positives. 1) It takes up more of the cabinet; so, you don't see that it is actually not wood on that side. The not-wood aspect is a big pet-peeve of mine. 2) It is more in line with my bright and green decor.

Now, I just have to find another plate. More Goodwill hunting.

The next little project I took on, was to paint a little wooden, pedestal candy dish that I purchased at a thrift store for 2.00. I've been inspired to paint and distress everything by Holly from Life in the Fun Lane and this object was in need of some love. Therefore, using the same Home Depot creamy white paint sample that I used on the plate rack, I sanded it, painted it, sanded again, painted again, distressed it with coarse sanding paper, and gave it a coat of polyurethane. It turned out like this...

Cute, right? I just love it. Now, I have to figure out what to put in there that is toddler-friendly.

Sometimes, the little things can bring you a sense of "yes, i did, in fact, accomplish something today".

How about you...did you accomplish a "small thing" this week?

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