Thursday, January 28, 2010

Basement Bathroom Before

Recently, we (well mainly my hubby) have been in the process of renovating the basement bathroom. When we moved into our house, the basement had been partially finished. Basically, they had framed out a couple of rooms, slapped up the drywall, put in a drop ceiling, and installed some ceramic tile. There was also a full bathroom that was installed by the builder, which definitely left something to be desired.

First, the flooring was white and blue linoleum sheet, which completely clashed with the adjacent room's "colonial tan" ceramic tile.

Secondly, the walls were simply primed drywall. Oh, stunning.

Thirdly, the vanity was a gray and cream swirl porcelain with stains on top of a honey oak base. My hubby cut this up with his reciprocating saw (an xmas present from moi) before I could get a pic.

Fourthly, the mirror was a rectangle glued on the wall. There was a rusty metal towel rack and rickety metal fixtures and hardware.

Fifthly, the light fixture just didn't fit with our vision of the bathroom.

So, with the exception of the shower which is lined with white porcelain squares and has clear glass sliding doors the bathroom was gutted.

A few of "in progress" pics.

I'm definitely looking forward to sharing our big under $400 basement bathroom reveal. It's getting there. The tile is in, light fixture installed, vanity in place and working, toilet is flushing, new trim is up and painted, which means IT'S MY TURN TO GET TO WORK.
My list:
1. Find a mirror.
2. Sew panel to target shower curtains to add 6" in length and hang to camouflage the shower.
3. Find cabinet/shelves to hang above toilet.
4. Find basket for towels and TP next to the vanity.
5. Hang recently thrifted wall art.

As soon as I'm finished, I'll post the AFTERs! Stay tuned!

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