Thursday, January 7, 2010

30 girl daily essentials

My goto outfit

1. A comfy, cozy cardigan.
2. The Perfect Tee, in my opinion these are the best fit.
3. Everyday, casual bootcut jeans. For me, these are perfect because I'm only 5'4" with short legs.
4. Frye Boots. Over the years, I've had several pairs that are various colors, styles, ages, and heights. But, I always reach for the mid-calf, campus style in blazer brown. My particular pair I bought for $20 at a local thirft store. They had never been worn and were in pristine condition; I will always cherish them as my find of 2008!
5. Cross-body Leather Bag. I'm a mom of a toddler and I need something completely hands free. Currently, I'm carrying this one from The Sak; I bought it from Amazon at an extra 40% the current price. It was a great buy for like $40 and can be converted into several different styles.

I also wear a pair of diamond studs, an elsa peretti letter pendant (my kiddos intial), my engagement ring/wedding ban, and a watch (style varies).

So, my current essentials are by no means novel, but hey...they get me through the day when I'm home with my nugget (which is most of the time as I work from home). If your out there, what are your daily essentials?

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Belle Clair said...

Hi! Your blog is great, and I am a happy new follower.
My daily essentials would include my wedding ring/engagement ring set, my pearl stud earrings, and my great-grandmother's wrist watch. Other than that, I am loving my new Cole Haan riding-ish style boots (which I really try to not wear EVERYday, but I'm not terribly successful!). I too love cozy cardigans and sweaters, and comfy jeans are great when I'm not in the office.

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