Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Julbo USA

You may recall this recent post where I discussed my kiddo's need for a pair of sunglasses (that were not his mother's).

After a bit of searching, I finally found the pair for him by Julbo USA, Looping 3.  They're virtually indestructible, which is a MUST. They are protective and reversible. They look good. Finally, they are in a unisex color scheme, which means they will be perfect for any future kiddos we may have.  All of these positives for $32 makes these sunnies a seriously good deal, especially considering the inexpensive broken-the-first-time-he-wears-them plastic pairs I've purchased are at least $10.

Gone are the days of crying over "sunny days". 

I purchased my pair at Backwoods, an outdoor gear store in my area, but you can also pick up a pair here and here

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Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

What a complete cutie! Your son looks adorable in those sunglasses. So sweet!


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