Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Birdhouse for Grandma

 What do you do with your toddler when it snows?  First play in the snow like crazy. Then, paint rocks, make a paint chip wreath, have dance parties and paint a bird house for Grandma.  Although we had approximately 10" of snow last night, the kiddo and I made this birdhouse in a previous mere 4" snowfall.  

We took a trip to the local Joann and I gave the kiddo free reign to pick out one $1 wooden "figure" to paint and decoupage for Grandma.  He picked the heart birdhouse...little does he know that Grandma does not like birds.  

We took it home and mixed some red and pearlized white paint to make a nice deep fuchsia.  Then, my little guy got right to town painting his bird house.  Honestly, I only pitched in to cover the "missed spots", but he tried to be very thorough.  After it dried, he picked out the striped paper for the roof and we used a little Mod Podge.  Then, he helped me trace the stencils for the XOXO (notice the pencil lines).  I ended up painting the letters; since, we have quite reached the ability to "stay inside the lines". 

  I'm so proud of my little crafter and his thoughtfulness. 

What do you do with the kiddos when the weather is less than stellar?


Krystal said...

That's a great project for indoors, and I bet grandma loved it even if she doesn't like birds!!

Jennifurla said...

Great idea and it turned out very nice.

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