Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen

Kitchen Playdates by Lauren Bank Deen from Chronicle Books
The impending long and dark winter has had me thinking about ways to reinvent some of the daily routine with my kiddo.  Cooking up a storm in the kitchen sounds like fun for both of us; plus, it's just so practical--we've got to eat!  So far, he really is a great help in the kitchen, especially when he's excited about what were making or if he gets to use neat "tools" like whisks and cookie cutters. 

I think this book, Kitchen Playdates by Lauren Bank Deen, could add to my repertoire of kids-in-the-kitchen recipes and give me some good ideas for keeping my little guy occupied in the kitchen.  It's currently out of stock at Chronicle Books, but is available at Amazon for $8.99. 

Another kids-in-the-kitchen cookbook that has caught my eye is Kids in the Holiday Kitchen by Jessica Strand and Tammy Massman-Johnson.  The concept behind this book is great--kids cooking combined with holiday giving and togetherness!  Great for the upcoming holiday season!

Cook It in a Cup! by Julia Myall looks like a ton of fun as well!  I love the idea of making "mini-meals" in cups and I think my kiddo would definitely enjoy making an individual meal and/or treat that is just for him.

Also, here are a few recipes that I would like to make soon with and for my kiddo.

Mmmm. Making Gnocchi with Kids from Momtastic.

This is a great pictorial and a fun recipe to try with kids.  I can't wait to make some gnocchi.

Almost certain my picky kiddo will try these Tofu Fries from Momtastic!
These are sure to be hit in my house!

These look cool for kids and tasty for all ages! -Easy Baked Apples from Babble
I've never made these, but have always enjoyed my mother-in-law's baked apples.  I these would be a great week-night dessert!

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Anonymous said...

My kids love cooking with me. I agree, a good way to spend some of those cold and long winter nights. Those baked apples look so yummy!

Thanks for sharing the cookbooks!


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