Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scenes from Halloween Weekend!

We had another lovely October weekend and a fun-filled Halloween!  It was our first year to trick-or-treat; even though Mr. Man did not wear a costume, he still enjoyed collecting candy from all our neighbors!  Luckily, they graciously obliged our 2-year-old.  

My wonderful friend, pictured above with a Humpty Dumpty belly, hosted her 3rd Annual Halloween Playdate for our friends and their kiddos.  The group has grown considerably in three years and just keeps getting more fun!  The coo-coo clock by far won as best costume!  My kiddo, the free spirit, is the one costume-less running around in the background.  What a stinker!

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Torrie said...

To answer your question, very CUTE:).

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