Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Madewell Sale Picks

Do you like Madewell (J.Crew's sister company)? I'm a fan. See #8, I want to look that effortlessly "parisian-cool" all-of-the-time.  Here are a few of my sale picks, if I were picking. 

2. Lace Panel Tee, $29.99
4. Bensimon Vintage Lace Up Sneakers, $29.99 *I love these shoes.
7. Denim Leggings, $39.50
On I side note, I'm leaving today for my monthly trip to the Windy City for work.  I'm excited for a lot of "adult time", listening to NPR in the car, the view as I drive down Lakeshore, and, hopefully, the chance to pick up a few items from Ikea for my closet-turned-craft room.  

But, I'm super sad to leave my kiddo.  His vocabulary and sentence structure is really expanding and I love his new "catch phrases".  "I'll be light back, mommy!" and "Oh my, that's amazing!" Everything sounds cute in the voice of a two-year-old, right?

P.S. I'll also miss Mr. B. too.


Torrie said...

Enjoy your adult time!

Yes, I loooooooved those 'sentence-forming days':).

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

LOVE 3 and 8! -- and that hand sign LOVES!!!!! .. and YES to 2 year old voices!!! adorable!

Peaches said...

I recently purchased the Madewell Denim Leggings and they are comfortable and cute. They tuck into boots nicely too - which was my numero uno concern.

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