Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Boo" Bark

I'm a fan of bark. It's a simple and quick treat to whip up, looks cute, and can include whatever ingredients you have on hand.  Pretzels, sure. Oreo's, why not.  Graham Crackers, definitely.  The world is your oyster when it comes to candy bark.  I made this batch of "Boo" Bark for the lovely ladies at my son's pre-preschool.  I had a few pieces and I can say that I could have eaten the whole batch.  There's something about this sweet and salty combination.  

 If you've never made bark before, here's the breakdown for this version. 

First, I covered a large cookie sheet with aluminum foil and sprayed it with nonstick cooking spray.  
Then, I sprinkled it with layer of broken pretzels and graham crackers.(Small-medium pieces, about 1.5-2 cups or so)
Meanwhile, I melted 1 12oz bag of 60% cacao chocolate chips in a double boiler.  

Next, I poured the melted chocolate over the pretzels and graham crackers. Using a small batter spatula, I spread the chocolate to incorporate all the little pieces and I put the cookie sheet in the refrigerator until the chocolate was hardened.
Meanwhile, I melted a 12oz bag of white chocolate chips in a double boiler.  

Then, I poured the melted white chocolate over the hardened dark chocolate.  Using a small batter spatula, I spread the white chocolate smoothly over the entire chocolate surface area, sprinkled it with "Boo" sprinkles and candy corn, and placed the cookie sheet in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.  

Finally, I broke the bark into pieces by hand, ate half, and gifted the rest!

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