Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Remember these chairs?

Well, I finally covered it.  

Nope, not it.

This was my first idea., but, as many first tries are, it was a big fail. the non-custom slip over just did not work out.  It really wasn't a sure-fit at all.

While the "off the shelf" covers were not working, I didn't want to spend the $250 that most home decorators and seamstresses were quoting me.  After a bit of searching craig's list, I found the wonderfully talented Stacie P. who was willing to make me a slip cover at a very reasonable price.
It's just perfect. 

If you are in the St. Louis area and would like to contact Stacie with your sewing projects (she does anything from a victorian dress to what you see above), send me an email and I will give you her contact information.

Do you remember these bent wood chairs that I bought for $7.00? One recently got a makeover for the kitchen desk. 

How about you, have you given anything a cute and inexpensive makeover lately?

Hope you had a wonderful long weekend!

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Gabrielle of Design Mom said...

Great chair makeovers! Also. I need to find me an awesome seamstress like Stacie P.

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