Monday, June 7, 2010

i made my own window treatment!

It's no secret that I'm a novice seamstress, at best.  But, I'm slowly working my way up from pillow covers to window treatments! 

I had been wanting to make some new covers for the two small windows on the sides of our front door.  The goal was to create a semi-sheer, two-sided panel.  In order to do that in an easy and pain-free way, I decided to create a loop with two pieces of fabric attached via a french seam.  The french seam creates a "lip" that rests on the rods in order to prevent the loop from sliding around.  Clever, right?!?!  Well, at least for a newbie like me!

When we first moved in the windows were a bit too "peeping Tom" bare for my taste. 

Shortly thereafter, my aunt gave me a set of magnetic curtain rods that were perfect for the space.  The window is too small for the spring-loaded rods; so far, these magnetic ones are the only non-custom type that I've found to work.

My talented Mother-in-Law made me some quick sheers to cover the windows; however, because she's sewing from a distance, they ended up a little too short for the space.

I've had this task on my list of things to do for months, but I've been putting it off as I'm just not confident with the sewing machine.  But, practice makes...

perfect, right!?!

They really turned out exactly as I had hoped.
For more info, read on after the jump!

1. The fabric I used is Kathy Ireland Collection's Asian Willow Sage that I got for a steal with my coupons.  It is semi-sheer polyester and the soft pattern and colors fit well with the rest of our house, for now at least.
2. I cut four pieces a bit larger than the window opening with 1/2 inch allowance for side seams and 1 inch for the top seams.
3.  I folded, ironed and stitched the side seams with a small zig-zag. 
4. Then, stitched the two pieces of fabric together with the right-sides facing to begin the french seam.

5. Then, I  folded the seam over, ironed it open, and stitched across at 1/2" to close the seam.


That's it.  For all you newbies out there like me, get on that sewing machine and make something! The sense of accomplishment is great.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to do this for our front door just don't cut it plus...the kids slam the door sometimes and the blind shakes and falls off :( Love your idea and the sewing turned out wonderfully!

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