Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Gift Guide for a 2.5-Yr Old Boy with the Initals CAB

I'm so excited about this kiddo's gifts this year.  Truth be told, I wish he loved playing with wooden blocks, but he is a big fan of Lego Duplo vehicles.  He is going to be so excited about the Road Construction Set.  I'm also excited about the I Spy books; he loves to look for the hidden treasures in these books and I think this set will begin to develop his phonics skills. The awesome Skuut bike is a purchase from Zulily, which I got at a super discount.  While I enjoy the design of the wooden Skuut's, this metal one has a bell and a brake, which will make him feel like a "big boy" in the neighborhood this spring and summer. Well, we simply had to add a little Toy Story to the mix with the helmet and pads.  Lastly, I think I will be equally as excited to play with the P'kolino crayons and coloring book! 

Finally, my wonderful aunt passed my younger cousins' puppet theater and puppets
 to my little guy.  We've been hiding it in the basement and we can't wait to bring it up Christmas Eve.  I cannot wait to see his reaction on Christmas morning...he is really going to go wild over it!
 So...what's on your kiddo's Santa lists this year?

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The Lenzers said...

I am always worried my boys will be disappointed, But lets face it....they are not without! My 4 year old is VERY into legos (all though SC is not bringing those). My 2 year old is into whatever my 4 year old is into. But all 3 of my boys are getting pillow pets!

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