Thursday, August 5, 2010

Taga Stroller Bike

Pure beauty. And function.

This is the Taga Stroller Bike, available at for presale (shipping sometime this month).

First.  It's a bicycle/kiddo carrier that converts to a stroller.
But, that's not all.  It is equipped to carry to kiddos, convert to a shopping cart, can adapt to carry a car seat for the tiniest types, and even can carry two kiddos in a covered, wooden seat. 

The $1500 base price tag is steep, but definitely justifiable if you and your kiddo(s) can and will utilize this amazing mode of transportation for fun and function. I think I need to start the Taga Stroller Fund asap.  
I want to emphasize that this item is not just for city dwellers.  As a suburbanite, I can definitely see my kiddo and I using this invention all over the grocery, the park, around town, and for travel.  If you are thinking of making an "investment" into your stroller or if you are considering the purchase of a bike trailer, which are a considerable cost as well, definitely take a look at the Taga.  And...I will live vicariously through you.  Send pictures, ok.

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