Thursday, August 5, 2010

Refrigerator Pickles

I can't say that I've had a bumper crop of cucumbers this season, but I have had more than we can eat before they shrivel up.  I've always wanted to make pickles; so, I sought out an easy, refrigerator pickle recipe.  This one from Prudent Baby seemed like just the ticket.  I loved the idea of a hint of curry flavor in pickles; so, I gave it a try.  My one caveat is that on the eve of making these pickles my closest grocer did not have any dill seed. improvisation was to use a little pickling spice to create a sweet n' spicy pickle. 


I can now officially say that it worked and I've created my very first tasty pickle.  I've been eating them up with potato chips, of course, rendering them an unhealthy snack.  But, heck, everyone deserves a little indulgence, right?!?


The kiddo loves his boat shirt.  It was a present from Grandma; it's really a rash guard, but this little guy prefers to where it for all occasions, every day.  To quote, "boat shirt on".  Just had to share...

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