Monday, February 1, 2010

under $20: table centerpiece

Recently, I put together this centerpiece for my kitchen table.  I love the white distressed wood tray, white ceramic votives, and white bowl.  But, of course, what I love the most is the price of each item.

Tray: 14.98, Target
Bowl: $3.00, local consigment shop
Votives: $1.00 each, consignment shop

Total: $19.98

I love the simplicity and elegance of this centerpiece just as it is.  Although, I think it could use a bit of colorful flair to brighten up the mood a bit.  I'm taking suggestions.  I'm thinking of heading to the local florist tomorrow morning to see what they have in stock and on sale.  I'm hoping to come back with something a little pink, red and white to fit with February's signature colors.

What do you think?  Would you do flowers or something else?

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