Tuesday, February 23, 2010

cardboard decor



what do you think of my painted cardboard shamrocks? 
cute and clever? 
or belongs in the recycling bin?

you decide...

more info after the break
If you wanted to do this yourself, I used three wine bottles, a piece of cardboard from a delivery box, a sherwin williams paint sample from my basement, some ribbon left over from our 2006 wedding favor boxes, and my handy creative versa tool.

1.  To remove labels from wine bottles, soak them in hot soapy water for a while.  Then, the label will peel right off.  It's genius!  
2. I drew a shamrock on the cardboard, cut it out and used it to trace two more shamrocks.  
3. Then, I painted each shamrock.  
4. After they dried, I punched a hole at the top for the ribbon. 
5. I used the versa tool to burn my "Happy St. Patrick's Day" phrase into the cardboard.  You could use a marker, paint or any other writing implement of your choice. 
6. Then, I tied them around the wine bottles using the ribbon.  

Each wine bottle has one piece of "fake" pussy willow inserted that I use to create an "egg tree" for Easter. I brought them out a little early this year.:)


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