Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Desk Organizer Makeover

This desk wooden organizer has been with me since 2002, when I first purchased it at Target on clearance for a song.  It has spent time in several offices during graduate school, two professional offices, and, most recently, my basement.  I recently brought it up from the depths as I needed an organizer for the kitchen desk to 1) hide pesky cords and 2) organizer notes, papers, and etc.

It had definitely seen better days.  So, I decided to give it a little cleaning as well as a new paint job.

First, I thoroughly cleaned it using dish soap and warm water.
After drying, I sanded the surface and primed it with a basic white primer (whatever we had already opened in the basement).
Then, I painted two coats of white satin paint with sanding between each coat.
After drying, I distressed the corners to let some of the wood show through as well as to highlight its age.
Next, I gave it a thorough dusting and wiping down, let it dry, and brushed on a thin coat of water-based polyurethane.  I did this step to protect the surface from its future contents and to allow for easy-cleaning.
Lastly, I added a new knob for fun.  


In keeping with the FREE spirit of this project, I scrapped my original idea of purchasing new desk components for this organizer, which would have been a sweet, but very unnecessary splurge, and I used some of my current stock including...

Two recycled folders from Target to hold receipts and magazine clippings, a random composition notebook for "ideas", a hallmark notepad with a Maya Angelo quote "You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have." for lists, my Target clearance address book, and stacks of Marcel Shurman note cards for quick correspondence. The drawer is full of stamps, post-its, and random batteries.  Hiding in the depths are my ipod headphones and charger. 

There you have it.  Old made new again, for free. I have to remind myself...what do I already have that I can put to use?  

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