Thursday, February 18, 2010

$35 desk.

If you remember this post, I mentioned that I was looking for a desk.  Ultimately, the wall space that I wanted to use in the living room was only about 28" wide, which made most of the desks I was looking at not an option.  By chance, I came across this laptop desk on sale for $35; it matches the color of the glass-door credenza that I already have in the room perfectly.  It's only 24" wide; therefore, it still leaves room for a stack of books or a magazine basket.  It is pretty solid and is actually usable...I've already used it as a workstation.  The best part is the price; it leaves me the option to change my mind someday.

To finish off the living room, I still need 2 lamps, a pedestal table, and wall's taking time, but at least I'm making progress, right?

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