Monday, April 19, 2010

it's fun to share.

a few things...

pretty flower garland-wouldn't this be grand for the mantel, a patio party, the staircase, etc.
and this one too,
crochet pennant garland-i also really like this; i think this would be adorable for a nursery...

i can do this....simple to make, looks good, and changing your mind doesn't break the bank.

i like this magnet puzzle at, this bamboo plane, bee and butterfly farm, and dolphin explorer from eco-friendly lunch packing products.  great encouragement to stop using plastic and look better while doing so. check them out.

oh, moomah, if only we had you in St. Louis.  i love this place, this site, this concept...

these typeface bath accessories from, now on sale, are just what i need in the morning for a little pick-me-up.

this berry basket inspires me to plant some backyard blueberries and raspberries, doesn't it you too? explore this site; they have such a wonderful selection of naturally inspired products for your home and life.  also, check out their etsy shop for homemade stuff too.

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