Friday, April 30, 2010

baking bread...

so, my hubby gave me the above book and knife for Christmas this year.  i really want to make bread, i do; don't ask me why it is has taken me this long to actually open the book, read it, and discover some of the other tools i need.  

now that i have acquired this list of bread making tools: 
i'm now ready to bake some serious bread. 

i can't wait to post photos of my first loaf! 

*check out the Artisan Bread in Five site for tons of bread-baking information if you are a bread novice like me.

*also check out King Arthur Flour for great ingredients, baking tools, and more wonderful baking information as well. 

begin your bread making journey with me!
or, if you are already an experienced bread-maker i'm VERY open to comments and suggestions!

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