Thursday, March 4, 2010



i took this picture two mornings ago before the kiddo and i went erranding. 

i looked in the mirror before we left and thought "geez, i look old and haggard. do i really look like this?"

so, i snapped a picture. 

and after a closer look and a little self-reflection, i realized...

1. a little mascara goes a long way. i need to wear it. 

2. definitely wear mascara when you're tired. 

3. i don't look old.

4. some days i feel old--the way you feel shows

5. some days i feel 18--loving to ride in cars on bright sunny days with the music loud and the windows down

6. some days i feel 23--knowing who i am and where i'm going

6. most days i feel 30--each day is a new adventure and i love it

so, how old do you feel? do you dare share?

stay tuned tomorrow for a vintage chair's a little sneak peak.


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