Monday, March 22, 2010

an easter egg wreath

the plastic Easter egg is one of the holiday's quintessential novelties.  here is a fun way to incorporate them into your Easter decor that can be reused from year-to-year. 


one 12 inch diameter foam wreath
white cotton yarn or fabric strips
pearl top or round top sewing pins
plastic eggs

How To
First, cover your wreath with the yarn or fabric in this fashion in order to avoid the foam from peeking through.
Then, start placing your eggs one-by-one using the plastic eggs and pins.  Most plastic egg varieties have small holes at the bottom.  The holes fit the pin, but not the pearl tops.  

After placing the eggs all the way around and doing a little tweaking here and there, it's finished.  I placed a small piece of ribbon on the back with a pin for hanging. 

Perhaps, I should place a chocolate bunny in each egg...

The Girl Creative



Urban Stylist In the Country... said...

So clever! I want to do one right now! I love it hanging over the mirror!
Thanks for sharing!


the 30 girl said...

Thanks, Gaylene!!

Sherry said...

What a smart idea! And how easy that would be. Nice.
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Jenny said...

Cute! I made a similar one last year, but I hot glued them and it had Easter grass.

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