Monday, March 15, 2010

black jeans.

there was a time when i considered black jeans to be so passe.  but for the past few years i've really loved the look of black skinny jeans.  they provide a certain slimming effect to the potential unflattering nature of the skinny jean.  pre-baby, i loved jbrand 10" skinnies, but post-baby they are now a too low cut for me.  post-baby, i'm a huge fan of the jcrew toothpick jeans and cords.  they have a perfect amount of stretch and a nice mid-rise.  on the black toothpicks, i love the contrast stiching. it highlights the fact that these are, in fact, jeans, not leggings; plus, it makes the jeans perfect for a black/brown combination.

this is what i'm wearing today. 

black bead necklace-me
dove necklace-thrifted
cardigan-american eagle
top-banana republic
cami-the limited
shoes-arturo chiang

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