Thursday, May 20, 2010

what i wore...last week.

yes, i'm over 30 and wearing jeggings. judge me not, these are comfortable little buggers and actually more flattering than you might think.  from the back, i look "lifted" if you know what i mean.

i wore this outfit for my 5.5 hour sojourn for work last week. 

my theme for work outfits last week was "menswear inspired" combined with "shop my closet". since i don't actually "go" to work very often, i can't quite justify purchasing work clothes at this point in my life.

the best part about this outfit is...the pants. i haven't fit into them since graduate school. a big thanks goes out to my son for his high activity level.

same menswear concept here. i'm proud of my light packing by coordinating shoes and accessories for the week. i love the pants in this outfit, especially their price-$7 from LOFT on clearance this past winter.

how about you...what do you think of menswear inspired looks? any favorite ways to incorporate "boy style" into your look?

p.s. i just got my haircut last more long locks.

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