Wednesday, May 5, 2010

animal, vegetable, cookie.

Have you read this book?
 If not, check it out here. 

I know I'm a bit late in actually getting around to reading this, but, that said, this is definitely a lifestyle-changing book.  Whether you simply frequent your local farmers' market or build a large-scale garden in your backyard along with a do-it-yourself chicken coup, this book will change your thoughts about food, where you get it and how you eat it.  

I'm still reading, but, of course, I did happen to get a chance to make the book's zucchini chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I couldn't pass up the chance to actually get the kiddo to eat zucchini, right?  Plus, I'm always looking for any excuse to have some cookies on hand for late-night snacking.  It's a weakness. 

You want some now, don't you?

Tips, or not: 
1) If you want these cookies to be super fluffy and cake-like, you can accidentally add another 1/2 tsp of baking soda like I did.
2) Don't add 1TBSP of vanilla like the recipe calls for; it's probably a misprint.  I added 1-2 tsp.
3. You can use dark chocolate chips; like Ghirardelli 60% cacao...more antioxidants, better flavor.
4. Share one with your kiddo and think "we're eating vegetables. these cookies are healthy."


Jessica said...

looks so yummy. I love the fact you actually use a cookie jar! Go for your $5 chairs, and I'll work on mine too, and we'll have a chair blog project together.

the 30 girl said...

Sounds good! It's always great to have a little extra encouragement, right?! Cookies look oh some much more delicious in a old-fashioned glass cookie jar...not that I need any encouragement, though...

danahollis said...

I loved that book! I should read it again since it's been a few years.

Your cookies are making me hungry!

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